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Kenneth George Edgar
(1932 - 2010)

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General Details

Name: Mr Kenneth George Edgar
Nick Name: Ken
Gender: Male
Age: 77 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 19 January 1932 - Monday, 18 January 2010

My Story

Ken's niece Lois tries to tell the life story of an enigma-
Kenneth (Ken) was born in 1932 to George and Gertrude Edgar in Diamond Creek, Vic and lived there for the first decade of his life.  His family, including his sister Olive moved to Templestowe when his father secured the engineers position at the Cool Stores. He attended the local state schools and then proceeded to the technical school at Box Hill.  His elder sister, Olive moved out in 1949 when she married John (Jack)Tesch. 

When his father passed away suddenly in 1954, Ken and "Mummy" needed to find a new home quickly.  They were lucky enough to find a builder that owned a block of land and was able to begin construction immediately which was a rarity when building materials were so scarce.  This house at 33 High St Nunawadding was a loving home for "Mummy",  Ken and also a few boarders over the years.  It was also close to where Olive and Jack were slowly building their house at Ringwood.  "Mummy" always wanted a brick house so during the later years of her life, Ken had an extension built on at the front using bricks and a motley assortment of other items that he had snared at the right (cheap) price at auctions.

Auctions were a source of many unusual purchases and Ken couldn't understand how anyone could resist buying something that they might use in the future.  Some of these items were given away to friends but Ken's inability to resist a bargain saw the house and yard inexorably fill with what the local council deemed a health hazard.

In his middle years, Ken became a process server, which kept the wolf from the door and also had the added benefit of developing a rapport with local solicitors.  Ken's battle with council saw him call for legal help many times over the years as he fought to keep his "castle" and all its contents intact, albeit surrounded by a very high fence during the later years!

Ken had a passion for horses and would sometimes earn money transporting them in horse floats but probably gained greater pleasure from the hours he volunteered to teach and encourage other young riders. This was typical of Ken's life philosophy that money was an over rated commodity.  He had many horses of his own over the years which continued to give him pleasure even when his riding years were just a happy memory.  Attending horse trail rides and most of the Agricultural shows held in the eastern states, becoming a member of many of them was another way Ken could be close to his beloved horses.

An alternative method of transport for Ken invoked another interest - for Austin and Wolseley motor vehicles.  He was a passionate member of both car clubs and many valued friendships were created that not only endured but strengthened as time passed.  "Mummy" and Ken attended hundreds of meetings and outings with these clubs over the years that greatly enhanced their lives.  Many club members would join relatives and friends from Red Hill to celebrate "Mummy's" birthday every year, with Ken always making it a memorable event.

Ken was bereft when his beloved "Mummy" passed away in on 7 Oct 1990 aged 92.  He had shared his life with her for so many years and now he was faced with living alone.  There was even less reason for worrying about things now and he continued to collect anything that was a bargain or of interest to him resulting in his house and yard became even more neglected and cluttered.

Although he had never drunk or smoked, decades of living an extraordinary lifestyle unfortunately caused Ken's health to deteriorate rapidly in his latter years.  His "coz" Tamara and friends were wonderfully supportive and always ready to help out any way they could.  Ken would listen to all their advice and then continue to live his life as he chose.  Diabetes became his enemy when he suffered an episode whilst driving in South Australia and was told by police that he would have to prove he was still capable to hold a licence.  To take away the driving licence of a car enthusiast is to take away much of their joy of living and Ken had already arranged to prove his continued competence when he was confined to hospital in January 2010.  Unfortunately he never returned home from hospital and passed away 18 January 2010.

All of his relatives and friends agree that although his lifestyle was unusual, Ken always had the courage to live his life as he wanted and would not change to suit the expectations of society.  Ken will be sadly missed by his family and many friends that he has made during 78 years of living life his way- with affection, enthusiasm, determination, generosity and idiosyncrasies!

Ken's sister Olive shares her memories-
From the time he was big enough to ride a shetland pony, my brother Kenneth (Ken to many but to his family always Kenneth) was a horse lover-in fact as he grew older and became interested in cars, horses were still special.  Our father was engineer at the Templestowe Cool Stores and at that time many horses and cattle were on agistment in the district.

Whilst my late husband and I lived together with our two children, Alan and Lois in Ringwood, we saw quite a bit of both my mother and Kenneth.  Once we moved to Queensland we only saw them infrequently with my mother flying up for Christmas often.  Kenneth usually enjoyed the festivities with "Coz" and it became a regular thing that he spent this special time with Laurie, Marion and their extended families. Due to his ill health and hospitalisation, 2009 was the first time in decades that Kenneth was sadly unable to share this occasion with them.

There is no doubt that over the years, Kenneth's interest in cars intensified and I can still remember my mother being known as "The Red Hot Momma" when behind the wheel of his bright red Austin on her way to the local shops!  As many of you will know his range of both Austins and Wolesleys continued to grow with more and more becoming interred in the grass and buildings gradually covering the whole of the large suburban backyard.

His problems with the local council continued to grow and I'm sure they were glad to see such a high fence being erected.  During the latter years of his life our communication became a telephone line - in fact I planned to phone him on his birthday 19th February when Tamara called me the previous evening to inform me of his passing. 

I am very thankful that Kenneth had such a loyal bunch of friends that they even attended to things such as having rats removed from his house, etc as lately my advancing years have meant that trips to Melbourne have not occurred - of course no mention of any difficulties were ever made on the phone when we talked.    These talks, for his part, were of the pleasure he received from visiting functions organised by the numerous car or horse clubs he was associated with.  Visiting hospitals for necessary treatment was quickly glossed over whilst dwelling on the real news - ie he'd just found somewhere which had a part necessary to get a car or truck mobile again!.

 To Tamara, members of both the Austin And Wolesley car clubs, together with his many other friends, may I thank them very much for the caring fellowship they extended to him over many years. 

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Fathers Name: George Edgar
Mothers Name: Gertrude Edgar
Siblings Names: Olive Tesch
Country of Birth: Australia
Country of Residence: Australia
City of Residence: Melbourne
Occupation: Other
Marital Status: Single


Favourite Sport: Horseback Riding
Other Interests:
Austin & Wolseley cars Agricultural shows


Place of Passing: Melbourne
Date of Passing: 18 January 2010
Cause of Passing: Heart disease and renal disease
Type of Funeral: Cremation
Place of Burial: Springvale Botanical Gardens
Funeral Venue: Nelson Brothers
Funeral Location: Melbourne
Funeral Date: 25 January 2010

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