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Lynette Armstrong
(1953 - 2010)

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General Details

Name: Mrs Lynette Armstrong
Nick Name: Lynnie, Lynne, Lyn
Maiden Name: Post
Gender: Female
Age: 57 years old
Lived: Friday, 22 May 1953 - Friday, 29 October 2010

My Story

Lynette was born in Royal Women’s Hospital, Carlton, 22nd May, 1953. Grew up in Brunswick area where she also attended school. However, school & Lynette weren't best of friends, she didn’t enjoy her years at school.
A positive outcome did come from attending school, she met Dianne Cooke who became her good friend. Dianne became like a sister, Lynette moved to live with Dianne, her mother & family, in early 1970s.
Lynette had steady employment at Patra Orange Juice Company in those days, which was situated not far from home & as Lynette didn’t drive, this certainly made life a easier for her. By December 1973 though, Lynette needed to take some time away from work as she celebrated the birth of her daughter Carley in the very hospital in which she was born.
With five sisters and a brother to help with the baby, Lynette was never short of babysitters, a word of advice or an extra pair of hands when needed. Within a couple of years, Lynette had returned to work at Patra & whilst she was at work Elizabeth took care of Carley.
Lynette had any number of well intentioned friends who didn’t tire of trying to find Lynette her ‘Mr Right’. She was sometimes set up on blind dates, but did enjoy a good social life with her sisters. However, in 1987 when Lynette was a blind date to Bombay Rock, things didn’t go exactly as planned. Lynette’s date failed to turn up, but she did happen to meet Geoff that night for he was there with some of his friends.
As it happened, Geoff’s friends were also friends with Lynette’s sisters, so although there were no sparks of love flying at Bombay Rock, Lynette & Geoff did see each other on occasion, when they happened to be at the Union Hotel in Brunswick with their friends. Over time, Lynette & Geoff became part of one large group of friends & they gradually came to know each other; but it wasn’t until the group went away to Echuca, that their relationship became more serious.
Those of you who knew Lynette well will not be at all surprised to hear that it was Lynette who proposed to Geoff - when Lynette had something to say, she usually said it.  It was in the Uniting Church in Coburg on the 4th November, 1980 that Lynette & Geoff declared their marriage vows to each other. After celebrating with a large number of guests, the newlyweds shared a brief honeymoon before returning to Brunswick to commence their married life together.
The following year, Lynette was again celebrating but this time with Geoff & Carley, after the birth of their son & younger brother Aaron. Lynette was a devoted mother who was always there for her children, but she continued to contribute financially to the family’s well being.
After working for Patra for some years, Lynette was later employed with the Readycut Company.
By the time Aaron was ready to attend kindergarten, Lynette & Geoff decided on a move to Reservoir, when Lynette took a break from working from outside the home. As Carley was already comfortable at school with many friends, she remained in Brunswick with her Nanny.  However, Carley spent every weekend & school holidays in Reservoir.
When Carley & Aaron think back to those early years of their childhood, they can clearly remember a beautiful mum who was always smiling. They have many happy memories of Lynette always wanting to take them places & with a large extended family on both sides, there was never any shortage of relatives waiting to see them. Many of Geoff’s family had moved out of suburbia & into the country, so visiting family often meant a chance to be in wide, open spaces, often for the entire weekend.
When her children were young, Lynette ensured that they had happy holidays away to Queensland. Setting aside some money every week, Lynette saved throughout the year so that their Nanny could take them north to show them all the sights.  In the early years they went to all the theme parks, but after repeated trips north, everyone was happy to just relax and forget the usual tourist attractions.
One particularly special holiday that Lynette had the opportunity to experience with Geoff, Carley & Aaron was in the late 1980s, when together as a family, they spent some times in Cairns. Even recently Lynette was still talking about that holiday and the special memories she had from that time.
In 1986, the Armstrong family relocated to Sunshine & with Carley in secondary school & Aaron off to primary school, Lynette took on an important role that would see them both safely there in the mornings & safely home each afternoon. Lynette became the ‘lollipop lady’, the School Crossing Supervisor, & she took her role very seriously. No-one in her family can ever remember a day when Lynette wasn’t on duty at the crossing on South Road.
Lynette was a very proud mother who took a great deal of care to ensure that her children were always clean, neat and tidy. Throughout their maturing years Lynette encouraged them to pursue their dreams.  She was there at all their school events; sporting competitions, swimming sports & parent/teacher interviews. As they reached adulthood, Lynette encouraged their working careers & she was particularly pleased that both Carley & Aaron are now successful adults with homes of their own.
Of course, Lynette’s family has grown in size over recent years as she could now boast 2 beautiful granddaughters - Ebony & Madison. Lynette was present for each of their births & she stood by Carley every step of the way as she acquired the skills to be a loving & caring mother. Little Nanny spoilt Ebony & Madison terribly. She always had a special treat waiting for the girls, but sometimes they had to guess in which hand Little Nanny was hiding it. Both Ebony & Madison loved to shop with Little Nanny but on the school holidays, they knew that Little Nanny would take them off to ‘Kidsmania’ for a special treat.
Lynette retired from her school crossing duties when Ebony was still a toddler. Just as she had supported her children as they were growing, she was still supporting them by devoting her time to caring for her grandchildren. It was only regarding her grandchildren that Lynette could be persuaded to change her mind. About most things, Lynette held strong views and she wouldn’t change her mind for anything. She hated to lose - an argument, a football game, at Yahtzee or at Bingo; for Lynette always wanted things to go her way.
Since retirement, Lynette has enjoyed her social life with friends. Judy was her constant companion for Bingo, which the ladies enjoyed at various venues in the western suburbs; Dot, John & their daughter Heather often competed at Yahtzee; on Wednesdays after taking Madison to kindergarten, Lynette spent the time shopping & enjoyed coffee with her friend Rose & with Carley; & Lynette’s time with the Sunshine Kangaroos was something she really loved, especially in her role as timekeeper.
Lynette loved her music, with Gold 104 taking prominence in the home & in Geoff’s car. If she wasn’t listening to music, you could be reasonably safe in assuming that Lynette was watching a movie - she loved horror movies & science fiction, she swears that she saw a flying saucer when she was younger, but her family think that perhaps Lynette just watched too many movies.
When it came to culinary delights, Geoff was the major chef in the Armstrong household.  Lynette did make the best fried rice in the world and her chicken soup was brilliant, but she couldn’t boil eggs to save herself.
Lynette also couldn’t keep a secret., especially if it involved a gift for Ebony or Madison. It wasn’t a good idea for Lynette to shop too early for the girls’ birthday persents as she would always end up giving the gifts to them before their birthday & then she’d have to go out & buy something else for them.
Loud, outspoken, lively, lots of fun & the life of any party. Lynette revelled in a good piece of gossip. There was however, another side to Lynette that some of you may not have known, for Lynette was a dedicated wife, mother & Little Nanny who cared for her family beyond anything else in life. She taught them well the importance of good manners & respect for others, & by example, Lynette showed them how to excersice patience in dealing with others.
Lynette was enjoying a good life. On Sunday the 21st of October, the family went out for dinner together - Lynette was upset that night because Mambo’s was booked out & they couldn’t get a table. On the Monday, she looked after her granddaughters; the next day she was off playing Bingo, on Wednesday it was Yahtzee. On Thursday, Lynette & Geoff did the usual trip to the supermarket & there was no hint that anything was wrong.
Lynette was her usual self. Then on Friday morning, when Geoff went to wake Lynette as he left for work, she couldn’t be woken. Geoff knew that something was seriously wrong as he dialled 000 & commenced C.P.R. The paramedics took over when they arrived & then when the ambulance officers came on the scene, they tried defibrillation, but it was to no avail, as Lynette’s heart had simply stopped beating.
Lynette had passed away in the early hours of the 29th October; but the night before, she had been doing what she loved to do - she was watching movies. Although her family have had to deal a great & sudden loss of someone so important in their lives, they are pleased that at least Lynette’s life came to a peaceful end at home. It would have been Lynette’s and Geoff’s 30th wedding anniversary just 6 days after her passing.

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Mothers Name: Mother: Elizabeth. Mother-in-law: Jean
Spouse's Name: Geoffrey
Children's Names: Mother of: Carley & Aaron. Mother-in-law of: Corey & Michelle. Grandmother of: Ebony & Madison
Siblings Names: Sister of: Dianne, Cheryl, Judy, Beverley, Leanne & Johnnie. Sister-in-law of: Jeanette, Carol, Lorraine, Graham, Margaret & Heather
Country of Birth: Australia
Country of Residence: Australia
City of Residence: Victoria
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Not Religious


Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Team: Sunshine Kangaroos Football Club, North Melbourne Kangaroos Football Club
Favourite Book: Flowers In The Attic Trilogy, Stephen King novels + much more...
Favourite Movie: Anything horror and science fiction
Favourite Artist: Ronan Keating + much more...
Other Interests:
Yahtzee, Bingo, Shopping, Her Family & Friends + much more...


Place of Passing: At Home
Date of Passing: 29 October 2010
Cause of Passing: Heart Failure
Type of Funeral: Cremation
Funeral Venue: Nelson Bros Funeral Services - Sunshine
Funeral Location: 51 Devonshire Road
VIC 3020
Funeral Date: 9 November 2010

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