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Virginio Peruch
(1921 - 2010)

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General Details

Name: Mr Virginio Peruch
Nick Name: Vin, Vic
Gender: Male
Age: 89 years old
Lived: Thursday, 22 September 1921 - Sunday, 26 September 2010

My Story


Virginio was born on the 22nd of September 1921 in Sacile, Italy, the last of eight surviving children. 

His mother died soon after and he was brought up by his share-farming father and his sisters.  He attended the local school for three years and then set to work full time on the farm until he was conscripted for world war two. When Italy surrendered, his regiment was ordered to stay put.Virginio and some others disobeyed fleeing home across the Alps on foot. Those who obeyed orders never returned home. He lost three brothers to the war.

In 1947 he married Irma for whom he always had a deep love and respect.  He then went to night school to complete grade 5 which is equivalent to year eight here.  In 1948 Iva was born.

Share farming meant a lot of hard work but very little return. Virginio decided to migrate.  He was helped by his brothers-in-law who were already here.                              

He first  worked in a tannery,  then joined William Train Stone Masonry in West Footscray where he remained for the rest of his working life.

In 1952 Irma and Iva arrived from Italy and a couple of years later they bought a house in  Middle Footscray.  Though it was no palace, people often would comment on its happy atmosphere.

In 1956 Renza was born, completing the family.  Despite working very long hours Virginio taught Iva Italian at night and would play games with Renza at the weekend. Virginio was very sociable and had a wide circle of friends. The family remembers a lot of good times: nights playing cards, celebrations for any little thing, cooking chestnuts over the wood stove, or just chatting with his compari.   Every few weeks the family would enjoy a bus trip to a different part of Victoria, organized by an Italian Priest. On the bus Virginio would entertain everybody with his limitless fund of jokes.  In the last few days as people have come to visit, the most frequent comment has been about how he loved joking and how he was always happy and jovial. 

In 1964 the family moved to Sunshine North.  Busy times, but Virginio and Irma still found time to make up their own salame every year. Tomato paste was made up every three years and Virginio  made his own vinegar…sorry, I mean wine, every year. To be fair, when his  wine was good, it was very very good, but when it was bad,,,,  Some years his wine had a delayed reaction to it – you felt perfectly fine drinking it but a half hour or so later it hit you like a steam train.

For many years Virginio attended night school to learn English and he achieved quite a high standard in his written English. He had a poetic turn of phrase and wrote essays about life in Italy, or raising silk worms or how to make wine. Unfortunately, none of his so-called “rubbish” was kept. 

At 58 he suffered a major accident at work and was never able to work again.  In the long run this proved a boon for his grandchildren as he was home and was able to take them  to school every day.  He and Irma  were very popular and the whole neighbourhood called them nonno and nonna.  One day someone said to him “isn’t that a strange coincidence that you are called nonno and you married a woman called nonna?” This still amuses the family.

His 80th birthday was a wonderful day for him as he celebrated with family and friends of long-standing.  Many of you here might remember that day.  He was also delighted and proud,  six years later, to celebrate 60 years of marriage to nonna.

The last five years have been lightened by the arrival of Joshua, his great grandson whom he loved very much. They played bubble blowing and dominoes together, Joshua helping him out when he couldn’t work out the dots.  He also lived long enough to meet his great grand daughter Ramani.

Virginio  pruned trees and vines for many people over the years and distributed pamphlets for Neighbourhood Watch. At the weekends he played bowls until he was about 80. He was a man of simple tastes, never envious of others but satisfied and happy.  As neighbours and friends summed him up: “He was a good man.”

Sadly, his health continued to deteriorate.  Telling his jokes became difficult as he took so long to get to the punch line and in recent years there have been very few jokes. But he had his standard lines: “Mai paura sempre” “Come sto io?” and the most pertinent “If you don’t die when you are young, you have to die when you are old.”

His sense of humour never left him.  Last year when he’d been very ill, Iva said to him “Dad, I didn’t think you’d survive” and he answered “I don’t know why you thought that, I hadn’t ordered death.”  This time he must have ordered it, because it came the way he wished, in the form of a cardiac arrest, four days after his 89th birthday. 

We are very sad to have lost our wonderful father, grandfather and great grandfather but we are consoled by the knowledge that he lived a long and full life, happy in the love of his family.

The family offers its grateful thanks to relatives, friends and neighbours. To  Dr. Hobart, to the staff of Western Hospital at Sunshine and Footscray,  to the Ambulance Service Sunshine, to Mecwacare services and to the Priests and members of  St. Bernadette’s Parish, all of whom have been very caring and  prompt with their help. Also thanks to Nelson Bros. for this service.

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Fathers Name: Bortolo Peruch
Mothers Name: Angela Salvador
Spouse's Name: Irma
Children's Names: Iva & Renza
Siblings Names: Toni, Maria, Giovanna, Elisa, Guerino, Stanislao & Vittorio
Country of Birth: Italy
Country of Residence: Australia
City of Residence: Sunshine North
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Catholic


Favourite Sport: Bowling
Favourite Book: Pearl Buck - The Good Earth
Favourite Music Genre: Folk


Place of Passing: Sunshine North
Date of Passing: 26 September 2010
Cause of Passing: Cardiac arrest
Type of Funeral: Burial
Place of Burial: Keilor
Funeral Venue: Nelson Bros Sunshine
Funeral Location: St Bernadette's Parish Sunshine North
Funeral Date: 5 October 2010

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